Company name:  Kinmel Park Golf                             Assessment carried out by:      Rhodri Lloyd Jones

What are the hazards?Who might be harmed and how?What are we already doing to control the risks?What further action do you need to take to control the risks?Who needs to carry out the action?When is the action needed by?Done
social distancing     PublicBays have been blocked off every other except for end bays where we are using for family’s and people in the same bubble. Bays are more than 3 meters apart, and blocked bays are more than 6 meters apart. Floor markings in place for service of balls.daily supervision by staff delegating which bays to use, for appropriate visitors, individuals/ bubbles  staff daily  immediate and dailyyes
     hard surfaces     PublicHard surfaces are electronic ball machines, benches, and bay dividers. we have removed the benches, roped off electronic ball machines, these are only used for disabled and bubble family’s, but are in general out of action unless circumstances dictate, ┬ádaily supervision by staff delegating which bays to use, for appropriate visitors, individuals/ bubbles, surfaces are wiped down with disinfectant hourly and after use.   staff daily       immediate and daily  yes   
     golf balls and golf ball baskets     PublicUpon entering customer does not touch either of these. Golf balls are washed and dissenfected every morning, balls and dispensed by a ball machine into a basket. These are then transfered to the golfers bays by staff and poured out on the floor. Public does not touch the baskets. goal is for the customer to touch only there equipment and sanitised golf balls,waiter service of balls to bay by staff. monitored daily      staff daily        immediate and daily yes    
     hire clubs     PublicClubs are available for hire, but are sanitised with disinfectant before and after use by public, continued practice of sanitising clubs     staff daily     immediate and daily    yes 
     entrance and exit social distancing     Publicone way system put in place which eliminates golfers to pass each other on exit and entrance. golfers enter through one gate down steps to office where they purchase balls, get allocated and bay, and balls are brought to them and tipped on floor, exit is outside through range door leading to far car park gate .signs are in place and staff are situated near exit and advising golfers to use one way system.     staff daily immediate and daily         yes
     keeping publics hands clean     Publicsanitising stations are set up on exit and entrance and also on middle left and middle right side of range, general public can sanitise their hands whenever they feel the need to. staff to monitor levels of alcohol gel and replenish form our stores if need be. staff to ask public to sanitise their hands on entry and exit     staff daily     immediate and daily      yes